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My construction experience began back in NY when I was an NYPD police officer. I worked part-time in an HVAC shop bending and installing HVAC ducts. From there I learned the art of framing, window, door, and trim installation. Upon moving to Colorado in 2005, I began to acquire rental properties, remodeling and eventually selling them. In 2013 I teamed up with a local contractor who, alongside his father, built much of Kissing Camels. I worked under his license for six years, learning all facets of construction. I acquired my general contractor’s license in 2019. I am fully licensed and insured.


Because I am passionate about process, quality, and servitude, MTD Construction now generates more than two million dollars a year in business. My subcontractors are the best in the industry, and my special relationship with them means they understand the quality I expect. Moreover, being fair and honest is paramount to me, and those are the values on which I have built my company. If given the opportunity to work for you, we will show you the art of quality I learned from the older generation of builders who never took shortcuts and always took pride in their work. That legacy lives on in MTD-Construction.


Living in CO to me means taking advantage of the outdoors. Besides weightlifting and martial arts, I love to hike, bike, climb, rappel, ski and snow board. I have a continuous love/hate relationship with the incline. I have obtained my black belt in Kung Fu, studied Win Chun extensively, trained in Krav Maga as a SRT member, and am now embarking on a quest to learn Jeet Kun Do. I feel the lessons in martial arts; discipline, patience, direction and control of force, can be transferred to the construction industry. Ultimately, my success is granted to me by my savior, Jesus Christ. Whether you believe or not, my conduct will always be guided by my faith. If you are interested in learning more about our Savior, ask! I will never initiate the conversation, but if you are curious, your life can be changed forever by the love of Jesus Christ!


New Home Construction

Our Custom Home Building process is centered around your vision

Our Custom Home Building process is centered around your vision. Your lifestyle, and the way you want your home to be designed, is of paramount importance. Collaborating with our architectural partners, we will ensure your new home is situated perfectly on your lot, windows maximize the view, and the layout is just right.  Once you are completely satisfied with the plans, we will utilize our years of expertise to construct your home to perfection.

We will provide you with a detailed schedule of the build process, and meet with you regularly so you can see the well-thought plans come to fruition.  If changes are requested, no problem! Plans don’t always look the same when they come to life, so let’s make sure we get it right!


When moving is not an option, but expanding is, a home addition fits the bill!

When moving is not an option, but expanding is, a home addition fits the bill!  This is a very intrusive process, as we will be inside the home for an extended period of time.  Moreover, we will be splicing into electrical, plumbing, HVAC, gas, as well as walls and roof!  Our experience will limit our intrusion and ensure the fit is seamless.  In the end, you will love your new space!

Garages and Basements

Our Garage and Basement team know their stuff!

Our Garage and Basement team know their stuff!  From planning to build, we will uncover every obstacle and generate a solution, leave no detail unaddressed, and ensure the finished product meets your needs.  Garages present their own unique set of challenges regarding zoning and land usage.  Sometimes, we build infrastructure into a garage for future use, such as 220V lines for car chargers and welding, heat lamps, heated floors, bathrooms, and workspaces. 

Let us know your future design and potential uses; we will accommodate you!  The older the home, the more challenges we have.  When finishing a basement on older homes, Money has to be allocated to infrastructure such as plumbing, electrical, and gas.  Sometimes, concrete floors have to be removed, concrete wall stabilizers need future access, and floor drains need regular cleaning.  Whatever the challenge, we have the solution.  There isn’t much we haven’t seen!  If you do have a unique problem inherent to your home, we welcome new challenges!

Kitchens and Bathrooms

Our construction process can have your kitchen created in minimal time.

“We need a new kitchen!”  This statement can either send shivers of fear down your spine, or waves of excitement up your spine, or both!  Either way, when the old is too old to work, that’s where we come in!  Our construction process can have your kitchen out and in in minimal time.  We know how integral the kitchen is to your home.  Not only are meals prepared here, but it is the meeting space of your home.

We want you back here as quickly as possible!  We have removed load-bearing walls and installed a new island and wall cabinets in 60 days.  We may be able to do the same for you.  The other room in your home that needs frequent remodeling is the bathroom.  Whether because trends change or you have a new, unwanted water-feature below your bathroom, our construction process will get the job done right, and quickly. 

Let our design and build team can build you new cabinets in our new cabinet shop.  We have two cabinet-makers on hand ready to build your vision.  If you find cabinets pre-made, not a problem.  Our installation professionals will install them like they were made to order.

Decks and Pergolas

Colorado is the outdoors.  Bringing the outdoors in, and vice versa is what a deck does to your home.

Colorado is the outdoors.  Bringing the outdoors in, and vice versa, is what a deck does to your home.  Let’s do this without spending a fortune!  Whether we are replacing what you currently have or we are building a new deck, we will build a deck to last.  Our construction techniques eliminate brackets where critical components meet, thus allowing the wood on wood contact to form the structure of your deck.  The result is a stronger deck, less cost, and less maintenance.  Our experience and techniques will give you the deck and pergola you have always dreamed of, within a budget that won’t break the bank!


Our Garage and Basement team know their stuff!

Fireplaces, beams, doors, trim, flooring, painting, shelving units. If you can imagine it, we can build it. Our two cabinet shops can build any custom piece you can imagine.  Tell us what your vision is and we can custom build it.  However, customization doesn’t stop there.  Installation is where it all comes together, and here is where the details are important. Walls and ceiling are typically not plumb or square. Floors are not level.  Integrating new pieces, that ARE plumb and square, requires special skills.  Our installers can scribe new to old, and make it look seamless.  Details are important, and we won’t look over them, we will address them!

our process

Phase one - PLANNING

Once we have decided to work together, and we have signed a contract.


Begin demolition where necessary, ensure all material has been ordered and meet with subcontractors if necessary.

Phase three -



Building begins!

Phase Five - FINISHING

Bringing it all together and finishing strong.
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